LX 8000

Instrument panel cutout upgrade

1 General

Due to LX 8000 geometry it is necessary to modify every panel where LX 8000 will be installed. LXNAV developed a method which makes possible that nearly all pilots are able to provide this works by themselves. Some basic knowledge about hand work and fiberglass technology is expected.

2 Project

It is recommended to make paper makeshifts of the instruments which positions will be moved. This will ensure that no mistakes will happen and that the works carried out will meet set reqirements.

picture 1

3 How to fill individual cut outs

Some cut outs of the panel should be filled up. This will enable new disposition of the instruments due to new geometry LXNAV is able to supply you round (57mm and 80mm) prefabricated fiberglass parts which will perfectly fill the existing cut outs.

picture 2

    3.1 The procedure

  • Put adhesive crepe paper on the front side of the panel. This will fix the fillers and ensure that the resin will not run out.

    picture 2

  • Insert fillers
  • Prepare resin and hardener mix
  • Mix one part with cotton thickener
  • Fill free space with thickener
  • Put two layers of glass cloth on panel internally surface (apr.150 gr/m2), to fix the fillers

    picture 2
    Example: LS 8 panel after filling of cut outs

  • Grind the front side and use putty if necessary

    3.2 Making of new cut outs

    Round cut outs can be made by any known method. For LX 8000 cut out LXNAV  delivers some special hard iron template which makes work very easy and safe.

    picture 2

    3.3 Painting

    It is recommended to use high quality colors specially prepared for composite materials. We suggest you, to contact nearest glider repair shop for this part of the panel upgrade. A bad colored panel will destroy all what you did before.

    picture 2

4 LXNAV panel upgrade service

LXNAV is equipped with all necessary tools which makes possible to upgrade any type of instrument panel. The turn over time is approximately two weeks plus transportation.

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